Our church was founded by Rev. and Mrs. Forest Weddle in October of 1982 and named Gateway Apostolic Church. After much love and labor, Rev. and Mrs. Forest Weddle transferred their burden to Rev. and Mrs. R. Everett Davenport when they were elected pastor in 1990 to continue the work. After twenty-six years of service and dedication to the ministry in Crawfordsville Pastor and Mrs. Davenport retired and Rev. and Mrs. Richard Hernandez, II were elected pastor in 2016. Pastor and Mrs. Hernandez minister and lead the church to carry out its mission to extend hope to the community of Crawfordsville, building upon the foundation and framework of those who have labored before. In 2021, the congregation voted to change the church name to Hope Chapel to reflect the renewed vision and mission of the church in Crawfordsville.

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